Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'll Be Happy When...."

Everyone, says it, almost every day..."I'll be happy when...". I'll be happy when this week is over, when this report is done, when I get through this semester, when this baby finally gets here, when Friday comes, when I get my life back together, etc.. I just can't wait... for this week to be over, for the holidays to end, for the kids to be grown and out of my hair.

Life can be a roller coaster ride, to be sure. You start off with a little excitement and apprehension, followed by some increasing anxiety as you ratchet up the first climb. You know that climb? The one with the highly visible tracks that seem to go up,and up, and up into infinity, ending abruptly just at the end of your line of sight? I mean, you knew it was going to be there, right? After all, that was one of the reasons you chose to take this trip. Logically though, you know the tracks continue on. But your instincts keep asking, "What if you're wrong this time?".

As you reach the crest of that first climb and you see the path ahead, you're suddenly aware that maybe this time you've bitten off more than you can possibly chew. But there's no where to go now, so you hang on and try not to scream as you begin to fall. Momentarily weightless and picking up speed, you plummet down at an ever increasing (and terrifying) rate.

Over the next few minutes (that seem like hours) you're whipsawed back and forth, more climbs and gut wrenching falls, all the while cursing yourself (and probably the friend sitting next to you) for ever having taken this ride in the first place.

And then, just when you think you're about to have a sudden and intimate reunion with the lunch you consumed a half hour's over.

You glide into the end of the ride, the lap bar lifts away and you shakily step out onto the platform. As you regain your composure, everyone, and I do mean everyone, experiences that elated and crazy moment when you think; "That was FUN!... Let's do it AGAIN"!

I believe our lives are just like that.
Some of us choose our paths, others let other people do the choosing for them (which is really just a different kind of choice, I think). But the point is, you're on the ride you chose! It may not all be fun and games. There will certainly be some peaks and valleys and numerous hairpin turns when you least expect or are able to deal with them.
But when it's over, and it will be don't get to take that ride again (unless maybe your Hindu).
For What It's Worth...
Your time on earth is yours to kill...or spend. It's really up to you now, Isn't it?


  1. Welcome to the blogisphere Dad! Great photo and perfect choice for your first posting. Looking forward to many more words of wisdom and whimsy....

  2. I am absolutely DELIGHTED to see you here, and will be reading with great interest and 'whimsy', as your daughter, my oldest friend, says above. Have also ordered your book after much tooing and froing with Amazon UK... SO much love from Jolly Old England (and from the middle of the roller coaster at present),


    1. Hill-Woman! So good to hear from you! You and Jen are making my book an INTERNATIONAL success! (well, sort of). Send me your email address at I want to hear more about your roller coaster!

  3. My how your analytical poetry of life's ride brings me back.

    While your hobbies are coming into action as successful ventures, I'm glad you're enjoying your life's ride.

    Thanks for sharing Dad ;-)